Ioana & Michael got hitched at the Barn on the Pond

Congratulations again to Ioana and Michael! What a day! We were so honored to photograph their wedding and could;t have asked for a better couple. Tons of fun! 

This was our first Romanian wedding and we simply loved every single detail. Still wondering about the self brewed schnaps everyone was sipping through the day.. Looking back... I wish I would have tried. LOL 

Check out their amazing details and the emotions captured. A truly special day. Thank you for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to create those photographs for you! 

All the best for your future together and please stay in touch! 


Kristen & Piet's wedding bash at the Roundhouse in Beacon

What can be better than almost 70F for photographing a wedding in upstate New York in January?! The answer is: nothing! Especially when you have a fun couple like Kristen and Piet and the sun is out and there is no snow storm on the horizon - which we totally planned for by the way! You might be surprised how woodsy and beautiful it is up here, just an hour and a half north of NYC

They picked a super hip and upcoming place in Beacon, NY called Roundhouse. It is a super modern venue with european features and amazing food! You should totally check it out for your wedding or a larger party! Whomever decorated this place has really, really good taste. I am european, maybe that is the reason why it speaks to me so much! So is our groom! He is from the Netherlands which stands for a great reception at the end of this wedding. And yes, they do know how to party big time! You will see in the photographs. 

Kristen and Piet really nailed it on the details. From the gift bags at your arrival to the "apricity"((n.) the warmth of the sun in the winter) candles at the end of the night! It couldn't have been more perfect. Everything was thought through so well and they went out and beyond to make it unforgettable for everyone. The flowers were  a dream come true. 

Congratulations again Kristen and Piet! Thank you for trusting me capturing your special day for you! We had the best time. Please keep in touch! We would love to know where your journey takes you! xoxo


Venue:   Roundhouse Beacon 

Flowers: Mitch Kolby Events 


Liz & Scott said YES at the West Point Military Academy

I don't even know where to begin to describe this amazing couple. I knew from the moment Liz called me, this will be good! She doesn't waste any time, she has a vision, is on point, energetic, caring and just so easy going. My kind of girl. 

We met for the first time when we took their engagement photos at West Point in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  So much fun. After we were done, we couldn't wait to photograph their wedding! I knew it would be very special. In fact, it was simply perfect.

Highlights of the day: not only found Liz this super sexy wedding gown that left her groom speechless in front of the altar, she was singing while walking down towards him. I probably don't have to tell you that he completely lost it. He could not hold back his tears, which made everyone else cry as well! It was such an emotional and beautiful moment, truly special.   

The West Point Military Academy is such an amazing location to get married. The Hudson River in the background, the valley framing it all, simply gorgeous. And the campus itself is stunning. A huge playground for photographers. 

Congratulations again to you two! I can't wait to see where your journey will take you! I know it will be some place amazing. xoxo


Venue: Military Academy West Point 

Wedding dress & veil: J. Mendel, Saks 5th Avenue

Flowers: by brides aunt and family friends

Stationary/Crest: Silver Orchard Creative 

Wedding bands: Leslie Sandler Jewelry and Gemstones

Videographer: Starlight Productions



Gretchen & Mitch got hitched at Whitby Castle

A princess should get married in a castle. And so she did! 

Gretchen and Mitch could have not picked a better, more beautiful venue in Westchester CountyWhitby Castle in Rye. It was just the perfect combination of elegance, romance and stunning surroundings, right on the Long Island Sound. I princess should get married in a castle, and so she did! 

Although the weather did not seem to cooperate, Mitch decided the ceremony should be as  planned - outside. That was the plan, and this is what we are going to do. Who cares about the black clouds and all the wet grass and rain drops here and there... everything is going to be fine. And it was!! He was completely right and it couldn't have been more perfect. A day out of a fairytale. Blue skies and the sun for the rest of the day. 

But nothing could have disturbed the happiness of those two on this magical day anyway. A dream came true. They are finally husband and wife. This day was a year in the making and there was nothing else you could have wished for. They planned it so well and the attention to detail made it all even more special. 

We were so thrilled to be their photographers for their special day. I still remember when we met at Starbucks and I instantly knew, these two will be fun! 

Congratulations again and all the best for your future! Please keep in touch. We would love to know where your journey takes you! xoxo


Venue: Whitby Castle  

Catering: Whitby Castle


Wedding Dress: 



Marylin & Cliff's barn wedding

I just received this email from Marilyn, who just looked at her wedding gallery for the first time:

"Stefy, I love them so much I am just beside myself. We are so amazed. We can't thank you enough. I can't believe how well these turned out. I am just crying. My mom and dad are crying too! We are still looking over and over them."

I have to say, this is the best feeling in the world. Not only did I get to do what I love most, photographing weddings, I also made them happy AND it was so much fun! A win, win all the way! 

When we met for the engagement photos in Central Park, and it turned out to be one of the longest engagement sessions I have ever had - only because we had so many ideas and time just flew by! I knew their wedding day will be super amazing and a lot of fun. I just love when my couples enjoy taking their photos, goofing around, enjoying the day. This is when we as photographers can get creative and come up with amazing photographs like these. Marylin and Cliff picked the Barn on the Pond for their special day. A cozy farm house environment, with lots of unique details. The couple lives in NYC so they couldn't wait to change up there scenery and get married in wonderful upstate New York. Check out the photographs. You get an idea what those two where up to. Enjoy! 

Thank you Marilyn and Cliff for trusting us on one of the most important days of your lives. It was an honor and we truly appreciate it. All the best to you guys and I hope to see you again soon. 

Amy & Xander's Christmas Wedding in NYC

What is better than NYC around christmas time? Getting hitched in NYC a week before christmas! Amy and Alexander chose the 3 West Club for their wedding venue, right in the back of St. Patrick's Cathedral. If you have been in NYC that time of the year, you know what it is all about. Spectacular windows with breathtaking decorations, millions of visitors a day and traffic. SO much traffic! BUT - good to have an exceptional organized bride who makes this all look like a piece of cake. Getting on the party bus, arriving at church on time, saying yes and take a quick detour through Central Park for some family photos. No big deal. 

If you look a these photos you can see how much fun it was to be a part of this wedding. Thank you guys for trusting us in documenting your special day. It was an honor. We wish you only the best for your future together. 


Amber & Frank's NYC wedding

This wonderful couple got married in November at Trinity Church in NYC. It was the perfect day. I fell in love this church! The lighting is just spectacular, combined with the most amazing, fun pastor your could possibly wish for. My favorite church part was when the pastor jumped in front of the bridesmaids after the ceremony to take a selfie. Please scroll down! Hilarious. 

Followed by a super fun reception at Battery Gardens. This venue is just stunning with its views over the harbor, including the Statue of Liberty at sunset. 

Congratulations Amber & Frank! It was so much joy to witness the start of your new journey together. Thank you for your trust in me and cheers to your future and many more photo shoots together. 

Rhonda & Tom tied the knot in New York's Hamptons.

What can be better than a clear (slightly cold) day in Long Island in October, blue skies with puffy clouds and a fun couple starting their new life together?! Rhonda and Tom got hitched at East by North East in Montauk. It was truly an honor to be their wedding photographer and meet all their family and friends. These guys know how to party and have fun! Thank you for trusting me with your special day. Congratulations again and all the best to you guys! 

Alex & Eric getting hitched at romantic Barn on the Pond in Saugerties, NY

Alex and Eric picked a wonderful barn for their wedding in October. The Barn on the Pond in Saugerties, NY.  They got so lucky with the weather also and could enjoy their ceremony outside in wonderful 70F. Stunning blue skies, it was the high of the fall season up there. It was pure joy to capture their special day and get to know their family and friends. They day was just perfect. 

They had so many laughs throughout the day, simply enjoyed getting hitched and start their lives together in this beautiful setting. We had a lot of fun playing with some light effect during the party at night. See for yourself. Thank you for being so patient and going along with my crazy ideas. 

Congratulations again and all the best to you! xo

Jessina & Adeel's wedding at Harvest on Hudson

All you need is love! That is all. It doesn't matter if they just escaped a possible hurricane getting in the way of their wedding day, or that the sky is super gray and it rains. And it is cold and really not the weather to be outside and take fun pictures with the beautiful Hudson River in the background. But....

Jessina and Adeel proofed that this all in fact does not matter! At all!!! These two got married and had the best time. Starting at the charming venue The Harvest on Hudson and finishing up with lots of karaoke and laughs at Forty North, down the street. 

The images will show you how much love was in the air and how much fun everyone had during the day.

Sarah & Lance' Barn Wedding at the The Hill

I don't even know where to begin.

From the moment I talked to Sarah over the phone, I knew we would get along not just fine. Super fine! We share a lot of the same interests, mainly the love for horses and dogs. And there was just this connection. I took their engagement pictures and met Lance. Those two are made for each other. I just couldn't wait until their wedding day was finally here. 

They tied the knot in upstate New YorkHudson, to be more exact. At a horse stable called The Hill on Hudson. If you have been there, you know what I am talking about. For those who haven't been, imagine a barn in the most picturesque environment. Large green trees, a stunning view, horses in the background, wild flowers and the most fun wedding party you could ever imagine. It couldn't have been better. It was so much fun photographing their special day for them, not because they were nice and everything was just right. It was more than that. It was perfect.


Venue: The Hill

Event Planning: Sage Linn Newkirk