Ledges Hotel in Hawley, Pennsylvania: Sharon & Carmen's Dam Wedding

These guys are the REAL troopers out there! Let me explain why!

We all know how planning a wedding is stressful, drenching and over all mind blowing in the first place. I think we can agree to that. After having to change venues TWICE because of unforeseen circumstances they finally found their perfect spot! Ledges Hotel in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

The night before the wedding the government of PA had to make a call. The dam close to the town of Hawley needed to be opened to avoid a complete flooding of the neighborhood. Side effect… the wedding venue will be flooded as well since the river passes right by the hotel. Check out the link, it is a breathtaking spot. So my sweet, sweet couple got a call at 9.30pm the night before their big day with these news. NO WEDDING VENUE!!! Can you imagine???!!!! What a nightmare. It left a bride in tears and a hands on groom to safe the day.

The venue on top of the hill moved out a bridal party and made it happen for them. Thank god!!! How much more could possibly go wrong?! So instead of facing the waterfall, we did the fist look in a school hallway and it drizzled/rained.. a lot… like all day!!! It didn’t really matter.

So much for planning your big day and having it all under control. At the end of the day the most important thing happened. They got married.

I learned a lot from these two. No matter what stands in your way, you will figure it out. Together!

We truly loved photographing this wedding. Not only because these are two amazing human beings, but more so because everything went wrong. Seeing their love for each other, no matter what happened, it simply couldn’t shatter their spirit. Inspiring!

Check out their photos. Look at their faces, their love and laughter. I felt truly honored to be a part of this special day.

Thanks for coming out Jeff to capture this with me. Always so much fun to shoot with you.