Opus 40 Wedding: Historic & Charming Scenery

Opus 40 is built out of an old bluestone quarry covering six acres of land. Harvey Fite spent 37 years, sculpting alone, using hand tools and blasting powder. A nine-ton monolith is its focal point. It is such an amazing place to have your wedding celebration. A magnificent maze of platforms, pools, ramps, terraces and bridges carved within the walls of an abandoned bluestone quarry. Very unique and I love it that it has history. I can't wait to be back and photograph another wedding. #somanyideas

Diana and Erik's wedding was simply amazing. We had the best time photographing it and capturing their love story. Two truly unique human beings and I was so honored to be their wedding photographer. I kind of wish we could do it all over again! Their jewish wedding celebration was followed by a super fun reception, which highlighted their love for each other with family and friends.