3 West Club Wedding: A Christmas Affaire

What is better than NYC around christmas time? Getting hitched in NYC a week before christmas! Amy and Alexander chose the 3 West Club for their wedding venue, right in the back of St. Patrick's Cathedral. If you have been in NYC that time of the year, you know what it is all about. Spectacular windows with breathtaking decorations, millions of visitors a day and traffic. SO much traffic! BUT - good to have an exceptional organized bride who makes this all look like a piece of cake. Getting on the party bus, arriving at church on time, saying yes and take a quick detour through Central Park for some family photos. No big deal. 

If you look a these photos you can see how much fun it was to be a part of this wedding. Thank you guys for trusting us in documenting your special day. It was an honor. We wish you only the best for your future together.