3 Reasons Why Engagement Photos Are A Bad Idea

You are planning your wedding but you are not sure if engagement photos are really necessary. Here are the 3 reasons why you don’t need them!

Number One! You only want photos in your wedding attire and you don't care who you are outside your wedding day. For you it is not important to be captured as a real couple, documenting your love and showing who you are to the world.

Number Two! There is nothing unique about you that your photographer needs to know. You are super comfortable in front of the camera and you know how to move and pose. Because we all know how important it is where to put those hands to create a beautiful portrait.

Number Three! You don’t want to waste time, thinking about the perfect outfit, hair and make up just for feeling uncomfortable, being put on the spot, taking photographs. Or you simply just don’t see the benefit of doing all this. Even though, it could be fun.

If for some reason you don’t fall into the categories above, maybe engagement photos are for you after all. It is a great opportunity to have some fun in front of the camera with your favorite person, creating amazing photographs, which you can use for Save The Dates and get to know me. It will take the edge off on your wedding day and you will feel completely at ease, knowing your photographs will be stunning. You trust in me will grow and you will be able to let go and simply enjoy your special day.